15 Best Driving Schools in Newcastle NSW


Are you looking best Driving Schools Newcastle? Then this guide will help you on these.

Who doesn’t love a long drive across the picturesque hilly roads or the desolate streets in the dead hours of the night?

If the breezy terrains or the foggy night lights attract you, but despite the attraction, you can’t venture out because of a lack of knowledge on driving. Or if it is also posing a challenge when you wish to impress your date by taking him or her out on a long drive. And because of all these debacles, if you are looking for the best driving schools Newcastle NSW, we enlist here the 15 best driving schools in the region just for you.

Driving has to be a comfortable, fairly adventurous, and safe affair. However, finalizing a driving school could be a tricky thing. More than 20,000 people have died in some kind of road accident since 2020. Hence, safe driving should be on the top of your checklist.

Let us discuss some of the top graded driving schools in Newcastle NSW now:

  1. Novocastrian Driver School

Novocastrian Driver School

Novocastrian Driver is the best driving school Newcastle. They train you on automatic car driving as well as all the mandatory safety measures on the road. They have experience of more than a decade and have the best customer service team in New South Wales.

Website: https://www.novocastriandrivertraining.com.au/

  1. Awesomesdc


They offer a two-module driver’s course to you, which encompasses all the nitty-gritty about driving automatic, semi-automatic, or a manual transmission car. The expert male and female instructors train to the expert level of driving.

  1. NRMA Driving School Newcastle

NRMA Driving School New Castle

Driving on the streets of Newcastle is a very pleasant thing to experience. Among all the others, NRMA is a driving school Newcastle NSW which has a hundred years of legacy in teaching the residents of Newcastle how to drive & drive safely.

  1. Highway to L- Driving School

Highway to L- Driving School

A team of experts trains you on the details of driving herein of the best Newcastle driving school. They have experience of more than a decade in training; hence, their repute is beyond question.

  1. Learn Drive Survive Drivers Training

Learn Drive Survive Drivers Training

An excellent and best driving school Newcastle, Learn Drive Survive Drivers Training trains you everything about driving your favorite vehicle along with instructing you on all the important factors of road safety.

  1. Jay’s A-1 Driving School

Jay’s A-1 Driving School

With the experience of more than 20 years in the field & multiple experienced multi-lingual female trainers, they offer one of the best driving lessons Newcastle at affordable rates.

  1. ATP Driver Training

ATP Driver Training 

Newcastle driving lessons are not always cheap; however, ATP Driver Training provides you with proper lessons on driving modern cars with info on the technicalities and appropriate road safety rules.

  1. Gurkhas Driving School

Gurkhas Driving School

If you are searching for Newcastle driving lessons cheap, then you can zero in on the Gurkhas Driving School who teaches you all the modern techniques of driving on all sorts of cars.

  1. Warner’s Bay Driving School

Warner’s Bay Driving School

The fully qualified instructors of Warner’s Bay Driving School provide NDIS driving lessons, driving lessons to people with disability. Moreover, they are completely equipped to train all the residents with manual driving lessons Newcastle alongside automatic vehicle driving too.

  1. Polite Driver Training

Polite Driver Training
If you are looking for an affordable driving school Newcastle, you do not have to look any further. Polite Driver Training provides you with authenticated training on automatic car driving. The friendly instructors are trained specially to help the anxious drivers.

  1. Newy Driver Training

Newy Driver Training

The trained and licensed drivers at Newy Drivers Training help you learn to drive in a stress-free manner. Trained, experienced, and young instructors guide you through your driving and road safety lessons.

  1. CreezDriving School

A new but nifty driving school Newcastle area. Creez Driving School has already proved itself to be one of the best in the market. A bunch of young and efficient trainers takes you through the lessons about driving and road safety without any added hassle or stress.

  1. LTrent


Primarily trained by experienced local instructors, LTrent is a place for pocket-friendly training on all kinds of vehicles while maintaining safety guidelines. They also provide overseas license training.

  1. Mini Milestone Driving Tuition

Mini Milestone Driving

Mini Milestone Driving Tuition provides you with the best training with their pool of talented, friendly, and experienced trainers.

  1. MotoRon Driving School
    MotoRon Driving School

MotoRon Driving school provides you with all kinds of motor training, be it automatic or manual. Their fees are competitive, and they boast of friendly and competent trainers too.

With the above information, we hope it gets easier for you to book driving lessons Newcastle. All the mentioned institutes follow strict COVID-19 guidelines and have vaccinated all their staff.

Hope you can successfully find the best driving schools Newcastle NSW from the list and start your dream road trips sooner than later. Happy Driving!!!


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