Top 10 Movers in Pasadena, CA

Movers in Pasadena

Being a depot of Victorian art and architecture, Pasadena is home to some of the most elite families across California. Since it is one of the richest cities in California, the demand for relocation mostly remains high in this part of the world. Therefore, best movers Pasadena have to maintain a top-notch service to remain in the business.

Despite this, finding reliable movers in Pasadena could emerge as a challenge because many fail to ask them the relevant questions before choosing them. Here we have tried to enumerate some important questions that you need to ask your mover before proceeding:

  • Ask about their registration number. All movers should mandatorily have the US Department of Transportation Number.
  • The best movers Pasadena do hire subcontractors. If your mover is hiring one, ask about their details, if there are multiple, ask for the list.
  • In the case of long-distance movers Pasadena CA, the movers may use multiple vehicles. They might transfer your belongings from one truck to another, which might cause damage to them, therefore, make sure you ask about this before moving.
  • Ask them about the protection they are providing to your goods if you are transferring in the winter or rainy season.
  • Ask for quotations from multiple companies, choose the one with the best track record and go for the cheap Pasadena movers.
  • Check out their terms and conditions and see if there would be any additional cost depending on the size of your goods or the route of transfer.
  • Pasadena movers do offer insurance facilities. Do make sure that your moving company is providing you with the same.
  • Scrutinize the customer reviews and ask for the recommendation letters.
  • Ask them whether they provide packaging and storage services as well.
  • Check their customer and complaint handling.

For your convenience, we have handpicked 10 top-rated movers in Pasadena CA. Please follow the details below:

  1. Green Mountain Moving Company

Green Mountain Moving Company

Being one of the best Pasadena movers, Green Mountain Moving Company has been serving a vast clientele for the past 30 years with consistency and excellence. Their all-encompassing services provide packaging to storage. Whether you want to move house or office, you can always count on them for hassle-free transportation.


  1. Fastruck Moving Company

Fastruck Moving Company

They are one of the best South Pasadena movers, serving many clients inside and outside of California since 2009. Whether it’s local moving or long-distance, Fustruck Moving is dependable in the market.

  1. Flash Moving

Flash Moving

With 9 years of experience, Flash Moving is catering out to its customers with utmost trustworthiness. They are honored as one of the best residential and office movers Pasadena. Their services are cheap, and they also have cooperative customer service.

  1. Pasadena Moving Company


They are one of the finest long-distance and local movers Pasadena. Having experience of 13 years, Movers Pasadena has accumulated a good name for themselves as they provide some steadfast solutions to your moving problems. They diligently move the heavy loads with utmost care making your relocation easier.

  1. Spark Movers

Spark Movers

A name in the market that is well reputable for being extra careful with your belongings, Spark Movers is one of the highly esteemed movers Pasadena CA. They have already relocated commercial and residential goods and furniture all across California and beyond with success.

  1. Professional Moving Company

Professional Moving Company

Professional Moving Company is a trustworthy name when moving and relocation is concerned. They are one of the best Pasadena commercial movers. With a team of friendly staff, they are providing packing and moving services all across California.

  1. Moving Services Pasadena

Moving Services Pasadena

Their comprehensive services include packing, unpacking, loading, and transport. They are among the best in Pasadena local movers. With 6 years of experience, they are serving the people of Pasadena and California at large with the utmost integrity. You can rely on them both for local and long-distance transfers.

  1. Great Guys Moving

Great Guys Moving

XL Moving and Storage is one of the most consistent names appearing when long distance movers Pasadena is discussed. Their professional staff is well equipped to transfer your furniture to the piano all across California.

  1. Real Rock ‘n’ Roll Movers


As the name suggests, they will transfer your goods as swiftly and smoothly as some grooving dance move! They have rightfully been one of the greatest movers in Pasadena CA.

With 12 years of experience in the market, they specialize in a variety of services which include home or office moving, furniture moving, celebrity moving, etc.

  1. Pink Moving

Pink Moving

Having an unfaltering experience of serving Pasadena since 1928, Pink Transfer Moving and Storage is one of the exceedingly popular Pasadena movers and packers. Their Services include office and home moving, library moving, pool table moving, etc.

All the above companies hold government licenses and provide effective insurance coverage.

While being equipped with the relevant information about movers Pasadena, we hope that your moving experience gets smooth, safe, and stress-free.

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