Minimize Your Carbon Footprint While Moving

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When you decide to move, the first, most essential, and the most significant thing you need to do is – pack your things. Packing needs a lot of work and effort, and it needs boxes.

If one thinks about moving, be it anything, you need a box. Be it moving a few books or moving your whole belongings, you need boxes. Now, while we are talking about moving, the sturdiness of a box is essential.

You need a box that will withhold your belongings in a good state and prevent them from being harmed. While there are a few options available while you look out for boxes for moving, the plastic boxes will be your best option.

Yes, we know. You might be thinking that the title reads for reducing carbon footprint, and it is talking about using plastics? Strange, right? But it is true, using plastic boxes while moving can reduce your carbon footprint.

You must be wondering how is it even possible. Let us tell you how. While plastics are highly not favorable for our environment when it comes to disposing of them, they are a good option in reducing carbon footprint if it is being re-used.

When you move, you have many things and belongings that you need to pack and move from your old place to the new one. You have the option to choose between cardboard and plastic boxes.

Naturally, you think that using cardboard boxes is good for the environment and plastic ones are bad. Your thinking would not have been wrong if you were talking about bags, but since we are talking about boxes, let us tell you a few things.

Plastic or cardboard boxes?

The plastic boxes surpass cardboard boxes in terms of moving on many levels, and we will tell you all about them.

  1. The plastic boxes that you will rent from a company are reusable. Many people might have already used them before you, and even after you have used them, they will be used by many other people or/and family. The reusability of these boxes gives them a long life.
  2. The amount of carbon emittedvia plastic box was done while it was being manufactured. It will no longer emit carbon, and you do not have any part to play in that emission. It was not your carbon footprint when it was being manufactured.
  3. The plastic boxes are strong, sturdy, have a longer life expectancy, withhold climatic changes and/or jerks/accidents.
  4. Cardboard boxes are recyclable, but they too are made up of trees. So, the larger number of cardboard boxes you use, the bigger is the number of trees being cut down.
  5. Recycling cardboard is an extensive process that needs a lot of water and heavy machinery work. So, they may be eco-friendly but leave behind a large amount of carbon emission.

How are plastic boxes better?

Apart from all the reasons mentioned above, there is one more thing that you should know before making a choice. When you choose plastic boxes instead of cardboard ones, you are helping people who have a small business.

Cardboard boxes are made by big companies, and retailers don’t get much profit margins as they are one-time use, and retailers buy and sell them. This gives them a one-time profit. On the other hand, as plastic boxes are reusable, they give bigger profit margins to the small business holders running a business of boxes for moving. So, you are not only reducing your carbon footprint but helping small business owners.

We have provided you with all the comparisons, and now it is up to you to decide. If you choose to go with plastic boxes while moving, type plastic moving boxes Sydney and you will get a lot of boxes for moving options to choose from.

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