Worried About The Safety Of Your Lamp And Don’t Know How To Pack Your Lamp? Let Us Guide You

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When you’re packing for a move, in some cases, the simplest of things can give you the most headache. Moving lamps can be particularly tedious and tricky since they come in shifted shapes and sizes. The safest way will be using plastic moving boxes which you can hire from agencies. Hit plastic moving boxes Sydney in your search bar and choose an agency/company of your choice.

Here are a couple of straightforward tips to help you pack your table lights, so they show up at your new home unblemished.

Get the Right Size Boxes

Generally, purchasing boxes from a trucking organization isn’t the best deal; for the most part, you can get square or rectangular boxes at low or no expense from retail locations that are disposing of them.

However, there aren’t standard-sized boxes that will work for lights. So, on this occasion, it merits purchasing the containers from the trucking organization, so you can choose boxes that are the right size and shape. Measure every one of your lights first and buy boxes that will oblige the tallest light. Or you can rent the boxes for a few days, weeks, or months depending on your need. Compare the renting price of boxes of different companies by searching box hire Sydney.

When you have assembled the box with the lamp, don’t forget to secure the base with built-up pressing tape.

Pack Each Part of the Lamp Separately

Unscrew the bulb and lampshade before packing it. Fold the line over the light’s base and secure it so it will not detangle. You most likely need to avoid packing tape since it might adhere to the light and cause harm. Your best option is to fold the attachment end into the wrapped line.

On a perfect, level surface, spread out an enormous length of air pocket wrap. Place the light on its side in the air pocket wrap, roll it up and secure it with tape. For longer moves, you should add another layer of air pocket wrap.

Fold a few lengths of tape over the light, and overlay over the air pocket wrap edges to get the light’s lower part. Tape it firmly, and do the same with the highest point of the light. The light should now be covered and protected.

Packing the Lampshades

Continuously using bubble wrap or air pocket papers to pack your lampshades. Don’t put something besides paper or air pocket wrap on top of the shades. Be sure that you can close and tape the case without pounding the shade or shade’s inside.

Ensure your hands are perfectly dry before you remove the lampshade to stay away from stains.

It’s OK to pack more than one shade in a crate as long as they stack nicely and fit easily. Put any crates containing conceals in a protected area among other moving boxes.

Mark the Lamp Box ‘Delicate’

If you have more than one light to move and the container has sufficient space, you can pack a subsequent light close to the first, base to base (this is ideal for a bunch of coordinating with lights).

Use newspaper or additional air pocket wrap to fill up any remaining spaces so that the lights won’t move during the move. Seal the container and mark it “delicate” and “this side up.” Make sure that you mention on the container which room the lamp belongs to—for example, study room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

Follow these simple tips to pack your lamp, and they will be safe to move. Do not forget to put them in a plastic box finally, they will have an extra layer of protection. As we mentioned earlier, you need to hit your search tab with the keywords plastic moving boxes Sydney or box hire Sydney.

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