The Top 10 Tips On Moving By Military Families

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When you decide to move, you will be receiving advice from everyone. They will suggest that you should contact the packers office, check your insurance, or research about the place you are going to live online. A simple Google search like Sydney professional movers will give you a lot of options to choose from. A real friend gives you genius moving tips so you can have a great move. Using plastic moving boxes while you pack for your move is one of those great pieces of advice. You can get these boxes by searching “plastic moving boxes Sydney.”


  • Start planning (but not too soon).

Most of us hear the words “move” and start planning about a move months and months before we even know where we are going. Most moving chores are not finished until a couple of months before the actual move.


  • Create a moving binder.

During a move, you are going to need paperwork more often than you ever dreamed possible. Put together a brightly coloured binder with sleeve protectors that contain copies of your orders, birth certificates, social security cards, mortgage documents, rental agreements, etc. Have your plastic moving boxes Sydney ready and label them. Doing these will make you feel even more organized than you already are.


  • Put your house on a diet.

Every home gains weight between moves. So a move is a perfect time to ask: Who are we now? And, How much of this stuff do I want to unpack again? Then adopt a decluttering technique like going through the house and getting rid of 10 items every day. Throw things away that are broken or used up. Collect items and have a yard sale. Make a drop-off at the base thrift store or local collecting bin once a week.


  • Put your washer on overdrive.

One of the nice things about a move is that you get a fresh start. It is so much nicer to start over with clean things. A month before you move, start washing (or taking to the cleaners) curtains, slipcovers, pillow covers. Make a staging area of your house where the newly cleaned items stay until the packers arrive.


  • Inventory by the camera.

You could inventory everything you own — 25 forks, 26 knives, 24 spoons, 18 sippy cups. Or you could fling open your cabinets and take pictures of what you own. You can do the whole house in about an hour. If you need to make a claim, a photo is hard to dispute.


  • Giant Zip locks are your new best friend.

Packers more often than not grab whatever small items are in a drawer and haphazardly put them in boxes. When you get to your new place, you have to resort everything as well as unpack it. Save yourself some time by dumping anything small and already sorted into giant Ziplock bags. Think silverware, spices, kitchen utensils, markers, pencils, toy bins.


  • Little Ziplocks are an even better friend.

Nothing gets lost quicker than the hardware that keeps beds together. Use little zip locks to tape hardware from beds to bed frames so that they all arrive together. It works for cords and curtain rings, too. Use a Sharpie to note what the items are and where they go.


  • Take a picture of the back of your TV.

Remembering how everything gets plugged into the TV is a hassle, and you will forget which cord goes with which device. Take a picture and eliminate the mystery.


  • Go liquid-free.

Once the packers arrive, a giant stack of liquid items will appear in your kitchen. Liquids and chemicals don’t move. You know that. But it still hurts to see hundreds of dollars get thrown away. In the months before you leave, don’t buy new bottles. Instead, make it a game to make do with what you have. Also, switch to the powder form of detergents for this period.


  • Don’t move boxes from your previous move.

The number one tip Sydney professional movers like to give is: if you haven’t used an item in two years, you don’t need it anymore. As military families move every 2.5 years on average, they say that if you haven’t used an item in your current will probably not be going to use it in your next home.

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