Top 10 Hybrid Flooring Companies in Melbourne

Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne

When it is about renovating your old house or constructing a new one, one of the major aspects that would repeatedly cross your mind is the flooring. Whether to go for concrete, timber, laminate, or vinyl poses the biggest confusion.

While pondering over the other options, let us consider the new kid on the block that is, hybrid flooring in Melbourne.

What is Hybrid Flooring?

This new type of flooring ideally is an amalgamation of all the best qualities of different forms of flooring tiles, therefore it profoundly exhibits the water-resistance of vinyl, the classiness of hardwood, and the durability of laminates. However, the best part is, that it comes in different styles and designs that suit the characteristic of your house.

What are the benefits of having Hybrid Flooring?

There can be hundreds of questions in your mind and the most relevant one must be why should you deviate from your age-old flooring tiles and choose hybrid flooring brands? To answer this question, we have enlisted a few benefits associated with hybrid flooring.

It has got excellent waterproofing features.

It can be adapted whichever way you desire.

It never causes a huge dent in your pocket as it is made of cheap and easily available items.

It is effectively thermal-resistant.

Requires the least maintenance.

Its shine does not diminish with time.

Easy installation and repair.

The 10 Top Companies Providing Best Hybrid Flooring Melbourne


One Touch Flooring

One Touch Flooring

With years of being a virtuoso in flooring, One Touch Flooring provides one of the most dazzling yet cheapest hybrid flooring Melbourne. They have got a skilled team of professionals providing dedicated services in laying all kinds of hybrid flooring. Be it a Penguin Hybrid Flooring or a Classic Hybrid Flooring, you get all the varieties available.

BLE Flooring

BLE Flooring

BLE Flooring is one of the top-rated flooring companies in Melbourne at present. From floating tiles to flooring on stairs, you can rely on them for any of your flooring needs. Over the years, they have also gathered a lot of reputation in hybrid flooring and have been receiving mostly positive hybrid flooring reviews Australia.

Johnson Tiles

With a treasuring experience of over 50 years, Johnson Ties have aided excellent flooring in Melbourne like no other. Their tiles are from a reputed range of brands and their quality remains uncompromised. Similarly, the plethora of hybrid flooring options they provide are diverse and high in quality.

Floor Set


Whether your choice is timber, laminate, or vinyl, Floor set is all set to deliver you the best quality hybrid flooring. They are equipped with highly skilled professionals who can lay fantastic floors which meet all your requirements at reasonable costs.


Kings Well Flooring

Laminate, Bamboo, Vinyl, or Timber, you name it, they have it. Kings well Flooring is a highly esteemed name in Melbourne. They are showing immense talent and discipline in the field of flooring for the past 17 years. Their hybrid flooring techniques have gained them many trusted customers who eventually, have been satisfied with their services.

Karma Flooring

Karma flooring brings to you one of the most affordable options for hybrid flooring, where you get to choose from a diverse range of styles and designs without being worry about spending a fortune on it. Karma Flooring deals with prestigious flooring brands too thus, you need not worry about the quality as well.

Supreme Floors

Supreme Floors

As the name suggests, these guys provide you with excellent quality flooring without needlessly hiking the hybrid flooring price Melbourne. You will get an array of options to choose from. This will make it easier for you to recommend them to others as well.

Great Floor Tiber Floors and Accessories

GreatFloor Tiber Floors and Accessories

They are one of the greatest providers of hybrid flooring at affordable costs in Melbourne. They offer you multiple variants of the product with a product guarantee. They have got immense knowledge in the field of flooring as they have been adorning floors of the city for the past 10 years.

Mobile Flooring

Mobile Flooring

With an Avant-grade working mechanism of 24/7 service, Mobile Flooring is bound to appeal to you if you are searching for a decent and affordable flooring company that provides excellent hybrid flooring. They have experience in working with residential as well as commercial setups.

Suburban Flooring Company

Suburban Flooring Company

Many years ago, two friends tried to give shape to their dreams and skills by laying the foundation of Suburban Flooring Company, since then they have been successfully lying the floors all across Melbourne. They are one of the pioneers in hybrid flooring and have been receiving favorable reviews from customers.


In conclusion, it can be noted that hybrid flooring is the new-age flooring technology that is conquering the world. Hybrid flooring in Melbourne can be attained at cheaper rates and with the best results. All you have to do is look up the list and choose one.





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