Top 10 Companies Offering Plastic Moving Boxes in Sydney


If you are looking for sustainable, safe, and easily transferrable means for relocating your stuff, Plastic Moving Boxes Sydney are the new age option that you need to go for.

The age-old cardboard boxes used for moving had been having a lot of disadvantages to them.

  • They were not very conducive for carrying heavy items
  • They may get dented or deformed under pressure
  • They are not very durable
  • They are not weather-proof

Despite all these factors, cardboard boxes are frequently used everywhere by everyone because of their cost-effectiveness, also corrugated cardboard boxes are relatively durable, and most importantly, they provide conventionally convenient storage and moving facilities.

However, if a company is providing you with safer and cheaper moving options, why shouldn’t you go for it? More so when you do not have to buy boxes and stack them all up somewhere at your home, which eventually will occupy some space.

The thing you have to do is hire plastic moving boxes, pack your stuff, get done with the moving, unpack and return those plastic boxes to the respective companies. The whole procedure is extremely hassle-free, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

We have attempted to enlist 10 top companies that provide plastic moving boxes for rent in Sydney.

  1. Koala Box


Hire plastic moving boxes Sydney
from Koala box and make your life easier as they would deliver the boxes at your doorstep and collect them once you are done with moving. The plastic moving boxes are durable, eco-friendly and they also come with handles with grips and lids on top, making your travel and moving experience all the comfortable.

  1. Hire Moving Boxes


Hire Moving Boxes

This company is operating all across Sydney, helping people to relocate or move locally with their plastic packing boxes for moving. Operating since 2013, their boxes are used for residential relocation of stuff and for official ones. They provide you with the best quality, cheap green moving boxes Sydney.

  1. Hire A Box

Hire A Box

They provide you with cost-effective and hassle-free solutions to your moving and relocation. Rent plastic moving boxes from Hire a Box, and they will provide you with boxes that are 20% cheaper than buying. They also offer services at your doorstep, where you do not have to bother about picking up or returning the boxes before or after use.

  1. Crate Hire

Crate Hire

If you want to rent or buy plastic moving boxes, you may zero in on Moving Crate Hire as they provide services all across Sydney. Be it office moving boxes Sydney or your home, they cater to all your requirements with adept services.

  1. Boxncratehire


If you are looking for plastic boxes for moving house or offices, you can consider Premier Crate Hire for the best results. They have been helping people relocate with their best in quality boxes for more than 100 years now. Plastic moving boxes rent is very cheap, yet the quality, as always, is the best in the market.

  1. Crates2U


Crates2U provides clean, sturdy, and eco-friendly plastic moving boxes rental at your doorstep. The plastic boxes for moving are available to you at much cheaper rates with them.

  1. Boomerang Box

Boomerang Box

Hire plastic moving boxes from Boomerang Box as it will allow you to move your stuff from your office or home without any trouble whatsoever. Their services are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Boomerang Box presently is providing its services in Sydney and Newcastle.

  1. Hire A Packer

Hire A Packer

Hire a Packer has been providing the residents of Sydney with packaging solutions for the past 10 years. Rent plastic moving boxes from the mas their services are end-to-end from packing, moving, to unpacking.

  1. Box Hop

Box Hop

Box Hop provides you with sturdy, easy-to-use plastic moving boxes rental, which is also an environment-friendly option at the same time. Whether you’re moving home or business, they will drop the plastic boxes at your requested place and collect them whenever you are done. Making your experience comfortable and stress-free.

  1. Vmove


They are providing you with effortless options for plastic moving boxes Sydney at affordable rates. Their services include delivering eco-friendly and durable plastic boxes at your doorstep and collecting them later when the relocation is completed.

Now, as you get to know, there are many options in Sydney that make relocation an extremely easy process without even hindering nature in any way. You can also choose not to buy a box and hire it instead, which is cost-effective and saves you time because you don’t have to go around places looking for tape for your flimsy cardboard boxes.

All the companies mentioned above are providing hassle-free deliverable plastic moving boxes Sydney in a cheaper, expertized, and non-polluting way. So, it’s time to say goodbye to the archaic cardboard boxes for good and switch over to the more practical options.

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